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Northern Raiders Netball Club

2022 Covid Update

Now that teams are back training and we are getting closer to the commencement of the netball season the following information is provided as a reminder of policies and procedures that must be adhered to regarding the current Covid situation.  As always Northern Raiders Netball Club is committed to providing a safe environment for all.  We will continue to follow recommendations on Covid procedures provided to us by relevant associations and State Government.  These guidelines apply to all players, volunteers and spectators.  
• If you are a close contact or positive case, please inform the committee immediately.  Please email correspondence to northernraidersnc@gmail.com with the subject line ATTN: Covid Officer
• Following the guidelines for COVID Contract tracing, the committee will then inform identified contacts and the relevant association (either WDNA or JNA). 
The State Government definition of a close contact is as follows;
 1 – You are a household member or intimate partner of a person with COVID-19 and have had contact with them during their infectious period. 
2 – You have had close personal interaction with a person with COVID-19 during their infectious period.
This includes if you have:
 a) had at least 15 minutes face-to-face contact where a mask was not worn by both you and the person with COVID-19
b) greater than two hours within a small room or classroom environment with a case during their infectious period, where masks have been removed for this period
 3 – You have been advised by WA Health that you are a close contact
 Based on these definitions it is more likely that close contacts would occur pre and post-match or at training where larger groups of people may spend a longer amount of time in close proximity. The Dept of Health have stressed the application of the above definitions even in the sport setting. So, despite the level of contact within a sport, if participants do not meet the above definitions, they are not deemed close contacts.
We will continue to provide you with updates & for any further information. Please follow the attached link ,https://wa.netball.com.au/netball-wa-covid-19-protocols
Stay safe everyone