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Club Commitment

Please Read Carefully

Code of Conduct

I agree as a player or parent of a player to act “in the spirit of the game” & abide by the rules and regulations of Northern Raiders Netball Club (hereinafter called NRNC) supporting my team, coaches and club officials. I agree that Netball Australia’s Member Protection policy will be adhered to during any activity that I am involved in whilst at the club and I am aware that the full Policy is available for download from the Club website: https://wa.netball.com.au/member-services/member-protection/



Players are required to attend training sessions and wear appropriate clothing/footwear. Coaches put a lot of work into planning and preparing for match days…. in return it is requested that players respect this and establish and maintain good communication protocols with their coach and manager in regard to attendance issues, illness, injury, holidays etc. Without communication to coaches/managers it could lead to less court time.



Netball grading will be carried out at the beginning of each season to ensure that as a club we achieve balanced groupings of players with similar attitude, skill sets and ability levels and a balance of court positions across the teams.


Court Time

All players will take the court for a minimum of a quarter,as part of the minimum court time policy, up until the Grand Final when court time is at the discretion of the Team Coach.


Game Day

Players are required to arrive at the courts at least 30 minutes prior to the game start time. Correct playing uniform and footwear must be worn otherwise players will not be able to take the court.



If WDNA or JNA forfeit policy is not adhered to the team is responsible for any fines incurred in the event of forfeiture along with the corresponding umpire fees. Grievances can be lodged with the managers coordinator for review at Management Committee meetings.



We welcome and actively encourage your support of your child in their games each week in a positive and respectful manner. Please cheer on and encourage good play and sportsmanship by all however we would ask that you refrain from coaching from the sidelines. Umpires are not to be addressed by anyone except the team captain during official team breaks or injury time. The club is run by volunteers and as such you will be expected to assist in scoring and timing at your child’s games as rostered within your team.


Dispute Resolution

At NRNC we ask that you consider carefully your role as a spectator, parent and role model before you make the choice to criticize a coach, umpire or official. Your actions are observed by your

children so your responses are important. Sometimes a lack of game understanding can lead to frustration. Please feel free to clarify any netball related questions you may have in confidence with one of our committee. A complaint or grievance in the first instance should be documented (written or emailed) and forwarded to the Managers coordinator. They will aim to resolve the issue, or should it be required shall liaise with the Management Committee and Club President to reach a resolution.


Lost Property and Injury

NRNC does not accept any liability for loss of clothing and valuables or personal injury to players.


Medical Disclaimer

In consideration of NRNC accepting myself/my child as a playing member and enrolling myself/my child and keeping myself/my child enrolled, I, the undersigned, do hereby agree to myself/my child attending and participating in all netball activities and agree to and do indemnify NRNC, its officers, coaches, and team managers, in so far as to the extent to which NRNC, its officers, coaches, and team managers are not entitled to be indemnified under the policy of insurance whatsoever from and against any damages or compensation which may befall or occur to myself/my child during participation in a netball activity or function connected with NRNC or when travelling to or from such an activity, event or function. I further authorise any officers, coaches and team managers of NRNC in the event of such an accident, injury, or illness to obtain the necessary medical assistance and for this purpose engage any medical, ambulance and nursing assistance and/or hospital treatment without prior notice and in this event, I agree to pay all such fees and expenses and any fees and expenses incurred by NRNC.



IN ALL CASES (excluding clause 1 below) NRNC is under no obligation to refund any monies paid to it. Any fee refund will occur only after a written or emailed request (addressed to the club registrar) has been reviewed and approved by the NRNC Registrar, President and Management Committee. A request to refund fees will only be considered subject to the following conditions:

  1. A player, having paid their full registration fee is not placed in a team due to lack of players in an age group OR the club is unable to find a coach, in which case the fee will be refunded in full.
  2. A player, having paid full fees, is subsequently unable to play out the season due to reasons deemed acceptable (i.e. serious injury, ill health, unexpected re-location), in which case the committee will consider a partial refund on NRNC portion. (This is not inclusive of fees set out by WDNA, JNA, or NWA). Please refer to the WDNA and JNA rules and information booklet for guidelines on refund policies.
  3. Any unforeseeable situation arising in which NRNC may not be able to meet its obligations to an individual player, in which case, after the matter being bought to the Committee for discussion, the Committee will determine a fair and equitable amount of refund if warranted.
  4. If a player is unwilling to play for NRNC of their own choice there will be no refund of any fees.
  5. A request for fee refund will not be entertained by NRNC in the following circumstances: A player is unable to play/participate in games due to disciplinary reasons or breach of code of conduct, OR a player or an associated member has been expelled from NRNC.

Late Registrations/Withdrawal Fee

Late registrations can only be accepted after we have finished processing all other registrations and once, we have ensured we have the capacity to accept them. Late registrations, who have not attended grading sessions, will be placed in an age appropriate team, where numbers are required to complete a team. NRNC have a withdrawal/processing fee should you choose to withdraw after registration with the fee increasing once grading and team selection is finalized.