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Constitution & Policies

Social Media Policy

Northern Raiders Netball Club acknowledges and embraces the use of new and existing technology and communication methods.

Northern Raiders expects all members and supporters to conduct themselves appropriately when using electronic communication to share information on social media with other members or post material on public websites or social media platforms connected to Northern Raiders Netball Club.

Members should not post, upload, send, forward or use any inappropriate information or material in any form of social media, including but not limited to material which:

  1. is intended to (or could possibly) offend, intimidate, humiliate, or bully any member of Northern Raiders, Associations, Sponsors, staff and volunteers, any netball participants or member of the netball community.
  2. must not be misleading, false or injure the reputation of any member of Northern Raiders, Associations, Sponsors, staff and volunteers, any netball participants or member of the netball community.
  3. contains offensive, provocative, discriminatory, derogatory, defamatory or of a harassing nature.
  4. contains any form of confidential information relating to any member of Northern Raiders, Associations, Sponsors, staff and volunteers, any netball participants or member of the netball community. Respect and privacy should be maintained at all times.
  5. must not bring the club or any association with the game of netball into disrepute. Social media should always be used to promote Northern Raiders Netball Club and the game of netball in a positive way.

If any member becomes aware of any inappropriate electronic communication, uploaded inappropriate website content, inappropriate engagement in blogs or discussions, inappropriate negative comments made about Northern Raiders Netball Club or parent body, they are to not engage directly but inform the President as soon as possible. Confidentiality will be maintained at all times.

Grading Principals

Grading is the process of establishing the number and composition of the Northern Raiders Netball Club teams to compete in Association competitions.

  • Players will be placed in a team which will enhance their enjoyment of the game
  • Players will be placed in a team/grade which is appropriate to their skill level
  • Players will be placed in a team which will enable them to attain desired skills
  • Teams will be selected to allow for a good balance in terms of players preferred playing positions.

Specific Grading Processes

  • Previous Season’s Coaches Evaluation – This is a strictly confidential short written report by the Coach to the Coaching Co-Ordinator at the end of the season covering such topics as skill, fitness, attendance, teamwork and attitude. This information is confidential.
  • Practical Grading Day – Northern Raiders will advertise to all members the dates and times of practical grading days. These occur at the beginning of the season after general registration.  Northern Raiders will employ independent assessors to assess each player in their nominated positions. At times, they will assess players in non- nominated positions, depending on prospective team formation and to allow other players to be graded in their preferred positions.
  • Grading Committee – The Northern Raiders Netball Club Grading Committee will consist of the current Club President, Secretary, Registrar and Coaching Co-Ordinator who fulfils the role of Grading Co-Ordinator. The Grading Committee will make the final decision on each graded team.
  • Paper Grading This is when the Grading Committee assesses teams or individual players based upon previous coaches’ evaluations, observations and graded playing experience from the practical grading day.

Grading and Team Configuration

Teams are put together based upon the grading of individuals skills, requested positions, development needs and fitness levels.  Please note that the Grading Committee considers the best mix of players including the number of defenders, mid court players, shooters and attack players to ensure the competitive composition of the team.

Whilst the Grading Assessors grade players in their nominated positions, it is for the Season Team Coach to determine the positions played by individual team players throughout the season taking into consideration the development of individual player’s abilities, player’s skills and importantly the needs of the team to play competitively.

Size of Teams

In all cases Northern Raiders Netball Club will strive (depending on the number of player registrations for a particular grade) to have teams with a minimum of 8 players and no greater than 10 players.

Grading of Each Age Group

Under 13s through to Opens Age Group – Play by competition rules and accrue competition points and play a final series.  Players in these age groups will be graded via the process described in this policy.

Social Teams

Requests for social teams will be considered for the open age group. All players in a Social team must be registered on or before registration day.
If you would like to register as a Social team you will need a minimum of 8 players.
All players need to be over the age of 16.
The club reserves the right to add players to a Social team if necessary.
A list of the Social team needs to be submitted to the club on or before registration day.
Teams will be placed in the section of the local competition based on the least skilled player.

Players Playing Out of Their Age Group

The general policy of the Club is that all players play within teams of their own age group. However, on occasion there may be exceptions to this rule. During grading, should the Grading Panel identify a player of exceptional talent for whom a team of similar ability does not exist within their own age group, then that player may be offered the opportunity to play in a higher age group. In addition, should the Club have insufficient player registrations in adjacent age groups to form full teams, players may be requested to play up an age group in order to form a team of composite age. In such instances, the players asked to play up an age group will be selected based on them being of similar ability to the other players in the team in which they will be placed.

How Does Practical Grading Work?

All sessions are compulsory. If a player is unable to attend they must notify the club northernraidersnc@gmail.com  before the scheduled dates.

Any player who chooses not to attend their nominated practical grading day will be placed in a team at the Grading Committees discretion. They will only be considered for a Division 1 team where there is a genuine vacancy in that team. This also applies to players who register with the Club after grading has occurred.

Any player who has not paid their registration deposit fee will not be allowed to take the court for grading due to insurance requirements.

Players need to be at the courts at least 15 minutes prior to the start of their session. This is to allow time to sign in, have a number written on their legs so the graders can easily identify them on court and to warm up.

Don’t forget to bring plenty of water and to wear appropriate clothing and footwear for strenuous physical activity (no denim shorts please).

Representative players are asked not to wear their rep gear to grading.

Players list two positions they would like to trial for on their registration form. On practical grading days, a number of 10-minute games are played to allow everyone to have their two turns. It is a very busy day for our grading assessors, so we ask players to stay in the vicinity of the netball courts (in the shade), gather promptly when asked and listen carefully for their name to be called.

If the club is able, it will appoint up to 3 independent assessors to assess each player in their nominated positions.

Players will be assessed in their requested position/s but may also be asked to play in other positions. Sometimes our grading assessors see potential in a player in another position and sometimes a gap needs to be filled due to absence or the demand for certain positions. While every effort is made to give players time in their two requested positions, it is sometimes impossible because of the number of girls wanting to trial in the same position. Players will always be given an opportunity to trial in the nearest position if we are unable to meet the original request (that is, if lots of players want to trial in GA some may have a turn in GS).

Girls may only spend a small amount of time in their preferred positions as some players are quite easy to grade i.e. the graders can quickly identify their skills in that position. This does not mean they haven’t been given an equal opportunity to be placed in an appropriate team.

During the practical grading sessions, the following will be considered:

  • Footwork
  • Speed and agility
  • Ball handling skills
  • Attacking skills
  • Defending skills
  • Fitness
  • Versatility
  • Perception and cognition skills

Sportsmanship and attitude

All players wishing to play up an age are to grade in their correct age group and also the grade they wish to play up in. Requests to play up will be considered but need to be given to the Grading Co-Ordinator and/or Club Secretary in writing prior to grading. In considering the request, the Grading Co-Ordinator will take the following into account:

  1. The needs and abilities of the individual player
  2. Numbers available to make up age teams and
  3. The competitive nature of the teams affected

Late registrations will only be accepted if there is a vacancy in an appropriate team and at the discretion of the Northern Raiders Grading Committee. Any players new to Northern Raiders who are registering late must be seen by graders first and only then will they be considered for placement in a team. If they have requested to play in a particular team, they will only be placed there if they are up to the standard and they are not taking the place of a returning Northern Raiders player who may otherwise have been moved into that team.

Any players who have played previously with Northern Raiders who are registering late may be placed in a team based on previous history or may require to be seen by graders prior to inclusion in a team. Teams will be announced via email approx. 2 weeks after grading has completed .

Appeals Process

It is hoped that players and parents appreciate the difficulty of grading and accept the decision of the Grading Committee. However, Northern Raiders recognises that players and parents/guardians of players disagree at times with the grading decisions made. If a player/parent/guardian consider that they/their child has been unfairly treated in the grading process, they must submit their concern within 2 days of the team lists being emailed to the Northern Raiders  Secretary northernraidersnc@gmail.com

Members of the Grading Committee will reconvene to consider/investigate the complaint and will advise the family of their decision via email within 2 days of receiving the appeal. No team placement reviews will be discussed over the phone. If the player or parent/guardian of the player is still of the view that the grading process is not fair, then the matter will be referred to the Executive Committee to be dealt with at its next meeting and to be resolved and all decisions from there will be final

Players are not eligible for refunds should they choose to de-register due to dissatisfaction with team placement. Requests for refunds for any other reasons for de-registering are subject to the discretion of the Northern Raiders Committee. An explanation for wishing to de-register must be made in writing and sent to the Club Secretary at northernraidersnc@gmail.com